Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

Finished Review:

Script: Do you like adventure and excitement? Well, if you do, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon is the right book for you.
It goes like this...
Minli is a bright girl with black hair and an excited mind in the poor, muddy village of Fruitless Mountain. Many legends are told throughout the village from the Old Man of the Moon to Jade Dragon. Minli and her family have barely enough rice to feed themselves, and Ma always is complaining. Minli, one day sees a goldfish man. She wants a goldfish, so paying him with a copper coin, half the money in the house, she gets a goldfish. She realizes they do not have enough food to feed it, so she lets it go. But the goldfish, it talks and tells her more secrets than she imagined! So one night, she goes on an adventure first meeting Dragon, a dragon who can't fly, then the greedy monkeys who will not share their peaches, and many more! But she does not know what is in store for her...
Where the Mountain Meets the Moon is an adventure book that is very interesting. It is by Grace Lin and I think it is one of the best books ever. I recommend ages 7-11 to read the book. I hope you read it!

I ♥ the book!