Andrew Carlie Marlena

Always have someone proofread

Marlena: HI, I'm Marlena and this is Drew and we're going to tell you a little bit about proofreading.
Drew: Proofreading isn't just read read read, oh that's good, that"s all; It's acouly about reading the comment, making sure they're not making any
spelling/grammer mistakes and correting them.
Marlena: For example, someone wrote a paper and asked you to proofread it. You
noticed lots of mistakes but were to busy so you said it was OK. This would not be proofreading.
Drew: Another example is your friend asked you to proofread aother paper and you read it and saw some mistakes. You helped your friend fix thier mistakes and they ended up having a realy good paper. This would be proofreading.
Drew and Marlena in unison: Good by!